We specialize in innovative brand experiences and marketing solutions tailored to your unique mission and goals. From launching a new product to driving brand awareness with a new audience, we can help you achieve the growth and exposure you’re looking for through purposeful athlete partnerships built on mutual excitement.

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    University of Connecticut Athletes and Students trust D'Amelio Huskies Collective to make the right deals for the individuals aspirations.


    Let us find the athlete(s) who is the best fit for your brand goals. Growth. Awareness. Community. Are you ready to see what the right deal can do for your business?


    NIL stands for name, image, and likeness for college athletes. Using their NIL, student-athletes can receive financial compensation through marketing and promotional opportunities.


    D'Amelio Huskies Collective knows sports! If you want to connect with the sports industry, D'Amelio Huskies Collective offers marketing solutions and makes the connections that get you in.

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    Donations to the Collective Club support NIL opportunities for athletes and provide exclusive access to club members through newsletters, events, and specialty gear.